Frequently Asked Questions

How much money can SIPs save?

Builds can save money through decreased construction and labour costs. The build will also reduce your waste disposal. The finished sips home can be up to 50% energy efficient, in effect reducing running costs and utility bills.

How green are SIPs panels?

SIPs panels are one of the most environmentally responsible building systems. A SIPs homes life cycle reduces energy use and has a excellent carbon footprint. SIPs panels are custom built, meaning waste is reduced considerably. A SIP’s building has continuous insulation which makes it extremely air tight.

What are the benefits of using us?

  • Project planning

  • In house architects

  • Great customer service

  • Quality assured

  • Fantastic technical team

  • Expert assembly team

  • Wealth of knowledge and an impressive portfolio of work

  • Professional and friendly staff

Life expectancy?

SIPs panels are deemed fit to last the life expectancy of the building. They are also shown to be 7 time stronger than conventional timber frame.

Are they Fire Safe?

The typical finish of internal walls and ceilings is a twelve and a half plaster board with fire tape joints, this achieves a class one fire rating. Two layers of plaster board applied achieves a class zero fire rating.

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